• Effectiveness measurement of preventive actions implemented to prevent vehicles/pedestrians accidents
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An on-board electronic computer, a GPS antenna and an internet interface for the user


  • Global view and management of the fleet of vehicles equipped with Blaxtair®
  • Active forecasts of accident risk areas and times
  • Near miss reporting
  • Geolocalization of detections with mapping of areas of high vehicle/pedestrian coactivity
  • Detection statistics
  • Remote maintenance
  • Failure detection

Coactivity Zones

Use Case Example 
3 main areas of coactivity: more than 60% of pedestrian detections

Based on the result of the detection data analysis, a map of the coactivity zones will be created upon the volume of alerts that happened on site. 

In the map on the left for instance, 3 main areas of coactivity are identified by the detection statistics on a typical site and accounting for more than 60% of pedestrian detections.


Does Blaxtair Connect® use technology that promotes occupational safety and health?

By providing crucial metrics and safety indicators, our solutions promotes safety at work with the opportunity to export some meaningful data for display. Data reports allow every collaborators to checks the detection trends and targets for the coming period.

Does Blaxtair Connect® bring new techniques to the occupational safety and health industry?

Clearly, near-accident events, hazardous zone geolocalization and statistical safety metrics insights never have been pushed this far by our competitors. Detections heatmaps, site safety ranking and shift analysis provide a new way of working for HSE managers. This solutions aims to be the baseline standard in the near future in order to benchmark safety at work.

Has Blaxtair Connect® contributed to the improvements in the occupational safety and health industry?

With a continuous flow of valued data, HSE can immediately act locally upon a specific detection, or change the process after a period of data compilation. The goal is to highlight co-activity zones and timespans in order to mitigate them and find safer ways of working.

Has Blaxtair Connect® assisted reduction of any occupational accidents or injuries?

Based on the exceptional Blaxtair system performances, the Connect solution allows the HSE manager to prevent risks and hazardous behaviour in an unique way. Our customers using Blaxtair Connect® already noticed clear reduction of pedestrian exposure to machines. Moreover, our solutions pushes the envelope of industrial safety state of the art. 

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