• Blaxtair Connect®
    Proactive Action Regarding Collision Risks
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Blaxtair Connect® Features

  • Complete solution to manage pedestrian safety around industrial machinery
  • Helps to decrease machinery/pedestrian coactivity on sites by at least a factor of three
  • Manages a ‘fleet’ of Blaxtair systems
  • Identifies danger zones and actively prevents accidents
  • Maps ‘hot spots’
  • Measures the effectiveness of the preventive actions implemented
  • Identifies near misses as well as the locations and times where the risk of machinery/pedestrian accidents is the highest

Benefits of Blaxtair Connect®

Various Data Collected
  • Geolocation of detections with mapping of areas of high machine/pedestrian coactivity (hot spots)
  • Records near misses - time-stamped and localized
  • Detection statistics
  • Measure the level/rate of coactivity per machine and per site
  • Identifies areas of coactivity and critical times of the day
  • Recovery of photos of detection events (can be activated on demand; can be requested to have people blurred)

A Proactive Accident Prevention Tool
  • Measures the effectiveness of preventive actions implemented, on organization and behaviors
  • Active prediction of locations and times where the risk of accidents is highest on site
  • Global view and management of the entire fleet of machines equipped with Blaxtair Connect around the world
  • Upstream mitigation of collision risks and unsafe behavior

A Fleet Management Tool
  • Control of the Blaxtair fleet: location, remote maintenance

A Fleet Optimization Tool
  • View of the running time of the machines to identify their profitability and optimize their utilization if necessary
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