• Proximity Detection System for Perimeter Protection around Machinery


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3D Stereoscopic Vision for Capturing Images
Algorithm (AI) and Database for Interpreting the Images
Embedded Technology for Challenging Environments 
 Pedestrian and Obstacle Detection
for vehicles and industrial machinery
 Industrial robotics
Guidance/mapping, classification of objects; calculating volumes, presence and filling controls


  • Effective 3D anti-collision detection system and warning assistance 
  • 2-in-1 solution: active 3D sensor and 2D live vision 
  • Underground high-sensitivity vision (tunnels) 
  • Plug-&-play solution 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Recording the last 3 hours of operations for event analysis (e.g. for insurance)
  • Rugged hardware for outdoor use (IP67 processing unit & IP69K sensor head)
  • Wide temperature range -40◦C. to +75◦C. 
  • Alarm output for machine integration
  • The only reversing camera capable of distinguishing between a person and another obstacle

Benefits & Advantages

  • Detects obstacles close to the vehicle to avoid collision and associated damages 
  • Blaxtair® strengthens safety in your site 
  • Blaxtair® reduce your vehicle maintenance cost 
  • Blaxtair® enhances/improves your site productivity 
  • Blaxtair® gives /returns evidences in case of accident or near-accident/incidend

Is Your Blaxtair® Working Correctly?

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Use Case at Suez Gennevilliers

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