• SmartRock

    Wireless Concrete Sensor measuring Temperature, Compressive Strength and ​Maturity of 
    ​In-Place ​Concrete in Real-Time
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  • SmartHub

    ​Remote Monitoring System for Accessing 
    Concrete Data Anytime, Anywhere
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  • BlueRock

    Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Concrete
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  • Proximity Detection for Perimeter
    Protection around Machinery

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  • Effectiveness measurement of preventive actions implemented to prevent vehicles/pedestrians accidents
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​Innovations That Matter

Gear-Up Materials Limited is a Hong Kong based company focusing on distributing certified quality and innovative solutions to the Construction industry. Partnering-up with leading technology developers and manufacturers from Canada, France, USA and China  without intermediary and always striving to provide added-value solutions for job sites and professionals. THIS is our force to support your projects and our promise to you.  

Who We Are

  • Team composed of construction professionals with over 20 years’ experience in major capital projects
  • 8 years of proven track records in Hong Kong & Asia-Pacific with local & international contractors 
  • Expertise and experience in Building, Infrastructure and Industrial projects across the region (Civil, Energy, Waste, Mining, Chemicals) 
  • Supply of certified qualitative, innovative and reliable solutions with cost effectiveness 

Our Vision