• SmartRock™
    Wireless Concrete Sensor for Temperature and Compressive Strength Monitoring

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Features & Benefits

  • Make critical, real-time decisions during concrete curing 
  • Help construction teams hit project milestones faster 
  • Save days or weeks of construction schedule
  • Instant wireless connection to your smartphone
  • User-friendly mobile app displays temperature, strength, maturity info, and much more
  • Share full reports instantly and track all data via the Giatec 360 cloud dashboard

Rugged & Reliable

  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Designed to survive the toughest conditions
  • Installs directly onto the rebar 
  • Requires no cumbersome wires or expensive data loggers 
  • Temperature and strength readings are immediately sent to an intuitive mobile app

The Highest Standards

  • Eliminate reliance on error-prone cylinder break tests
  • SmartRock™ estimates concrete maturity accurately based on the ASTM C1074 
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